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Website Tips & Suggestions

Newsletters are found under MEMBERS > CAMPAIGNS


Suggestions when building your website Newsletter:


  • When insterting Images in the Body use SIMPLE files names. Avoid extra spacing and/or SPECIAL CHARACTERS.
        Bad File Name: red ball #123.jpg
        Good File Name: red.jpg
  • RE-SIZE your images BEFORE placing them into the newseltter. Some e-mail readers will not render a re-sized image properly. It's best to upload the proper sized image and avoid using the image re-sizer in the editor.
  • TEXT to IMAGES. Always try to Include a decent about of text so your Newsletter is not flagged as Spam. Avoid Newsletters with ALL images. Avoid X-Rated spam-like words or anything close. ex: Hot Babes - Words like this can easily be cause your newsletter to be flagged as Spam.
  • We suggest you use the Manual Send option in Step 4 to send yourself a TEST before e-mailing your entire mailing list. 


Advertising Opportunity

Adding a Coupon or Client Banner in your Newsletters could be a revenu opportunity.


Good Luck with Newsletter Sending! 


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